YouTube Video Making and Marketing Workshop

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Hi, You are here because you want to create a popular YouTube Channel, Right?
Maybe you're brand new to YouTube, or maybe you have some experience but need help growing your existing channel.

YouTube is the perfect place to grow your own brand, drive traffic to your website, and Earn Money from YouTube ads and your product and service promotions.

This Workshop covers 8 Modules contains 56 Topics. It's a step by step Training Workshop to understand Video Scripting, Recording Videos, Editing Videos, Creating YouTube Channel and Making YouTube Channel Attractive and Eye Catching, Uploading Videos on YouTube, Monetizing and Earning Money from YouTube Ads, Making Tutorials Video and Earning Money.

What Will You Learn after this Workshop?

» How to Start with an Idea
» How to Make Video Script
» How to setup Low Budget Studio for Recording
» Low Budget Recording Equipment – Microphone, Tripod, Camera, Mobile, Studio Lighting
» How to Record video with Your mobile or Camera
» How to Record High Quality Screen Recording
» How to Record Best Quality Audio
» Editing Process of Video Footage
» Create your own successful YouTube channel
» Grow your brand with a YouTube channel
» Get more YouTube views
» Get more YouTube subscribers
» Post and Optimize Videos with Great Titles, Descriptions and Tags
» Create clickable Thumbnails that get more views
» How to Make Money with a YouTube channel

Syllabus for YouTube Video Making and Marketing Workshop in Hindi

Choosing YouTube Video Content

1. Introduction – Why Content Important?
2. Why YouTube?
3. Planning for YouTube Video Contents
4. How to Search Right Content for YouTube Video
5. Preparations

Types of YouTube Videos

1. Introduction
2. Types of YouTube Videos
3. Choosing right type of YouTube Contents
4. How to Start?

How to Write Script for YouTube Videos

1. Introduction
2. Why Video Script is important
3. How to get idea for Video Script
4. Video Script Structure
5. Writing Video Script
6. Call to Action
7. How to Practice of Video Script

Video / Audio Recording Equipment's

1. Introduction
2. Resolution and Frame Rate
3. Tripod
4. Choose Camera – Low Budget
5. How to choose Best Mic – Low Budget
6. Lighting
7. Green Screen Basics
8. Teleprompter
9. How to Make Low Budget Teleprompter

Recording and Editing

1. Introduction
2. Setting up Low Budget Studio
3. Video recording with Camera/Mobile
4. Screen Recording – Software
5. Screen Recording – Basic
6. How to Make Animated Whiteboard Videos
7. Audio Recording Software
8. Audio Editing
9. Video Editing Software
10. Video Editing - Process
11. Where to Find FREE Music for Your Videos
12. Where to Find FREE Images for Your Videos
13. Working with Footage

Setting up YouTube Account

1. Introduction
2. How To Create Your First YouTube Channel
3. YouTube Channel Home Page
4. Example of Famous YouTubers
5. How to Make YouTube Channel Art
6. YouTube Channel's Settings Page
7. Factors That Rank a YouTube Video in Google's/Youtube's Search Results
8. About us Page for YouTube
9. How to find YouTube Channel Keywords
10. How to Setup Channel Trailer Video

Uploading YouTube Videos

1. Introduction
2. Preparations before Uploading
3. How To Write SEO Optimized Title Tags For Videos
4. How To Find SEO Friendly Tags
5. How To Write a SEO Friendly Descriptions
6. How to make Attractive Thumbnail
7. Uploading Video on YouTube
8. YouTube Playlists - Importance

Monetizing YouTube Video

1. Introduction
2. How YouTube paid
3. What is Google AdSense
4. Setting up Google AdSense Account
5. How to link Google AdSense to YouTube Video
6. Setting up Bank Account in Google AdSense
7. Make Money With Affiliate Marketing and YouTube
8. How to know earning of other YouTubers

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Workshop Fee :  9000

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How can I join YouTube Video Making and Marketing Workshop?

After fee payment, call us for your workshop seat confirmation. We will give you Venue Details, Date and Time.

What is Fee Payment Procedure?

You can make online payment through Debit Card, Credit Card or Net-Banking.
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How Will I take Training?

It's a step by step workshop to understand video scripting, recording videos, editing videos, creating YouTube channel and making YouTube channel attractive and eye catching, uploading videos on YouTube, monetizing and earning money from YouTube ads, making tutorials video and earning money.

What is the Language of this Course?

This Workshop are in Hindi and English mixed Language. Contents are explained in easy and simple way with depth explanations. Lectures are recorded after lots of research. You will feel like you are in front of teacher, talking to them and enjoying your learning. This is the power of Vijay Adarsh’s scientific training methods.

What about Doubts and Queries?

You can ask your doubts and queryin workshop. After this workshop,you may ask your query via e-Mail up to one month. We will happy to solve your query.

Workshop Fee :  9000

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